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Fanvil X3P VoIP Phone 2 SIP Lines PoE

Fanvil X3P Features and Functions:

  • Call out / answer / reject
  • Mute / Unmute (microphone)
  • Call Hold / Resume
  • Call Waiting
  • Intercom
  • Caller ID Display
  • Call Forwarding (Always/Busy/No Answer)
  • Call Transfer (Attended/Unattended)
  • Call Parking/Pick-up (depending on server)
  • Redial Do-Not-Disturb (per line / per phone)
  • Auto-Answering (per line)
  • Voice Message (on server)
  • Local 3-way Conference
  • Hot Line

Fanvil X5 ­ Executive ​Desk Phone

The Fanvil X5 ­ Executive ​Desk Phone is a high-end enterprise desktop phone which comes with an intelligent DSS Key-mapping LCD to increase enterprise users’ productivity. Fanvil X5S has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, which include pass-through for simplifying your deployment and PoE support for powering the phone. Security features include 802.1x for network control access, HTTPS auto-provisioning, and support for OpenVPN. Fanvil includes support for everyday business tools, including 3-way local conferencing, 1,000 entries in the phonebook and 300 entries in the call log. The dual-function back rack included in the package works for desktop and wall mounting. Features:
  • DSS Key-mapping LCD – 8 DSS keys corresponded to the LCD display to provide dynamic DSS/BLF functions up to five pages at virtualized total 40 DSS keys.
  • Gigabit Ethernet – 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • POE enabled
  • Economic and Environmental Friendly design with Elegant Housing, with high-resolution TFT color display, delivering a rich visual experience.
  • High Interoperability – Compatible with major platforms: 3CX, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Zycoo, etc.

Fanvil X3SP IP phone SIP PoE

 Fanvil X3SP IP phone SIP PoE

Fanvil X3SP is an amazing phone in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.The Fanvil X3SP IP Phone well suited with all the modern day IP Telephone systems. It offers Colour display, 2 SIP lines and Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC). Voice codec support includes Wideband CODEC: G.722 and Narrowband CODEC: G.711a/u, G.723.1, G.726-32K, G.729AB.These Phones allow you to use a Desk Phone as well as a wall mounted. Fanvil X3SP IP Phone is POE Enabled and supports SIP2.0 over UDP/TCP/TLS.This phone having L2TP (Basic Unencrypted) and OpenVPN support inbuilt. It will allow the remote users to connect to your network securely. The Fanvil X3SP offering superior user experience and simplicity. It is well suited as a business entry level phone with amazing features.  Secure and complete provisioning protocols make it easy to deploy and manage.The 2.4 inch (320×240) color-screen LCD and friendly user interface allow the users to easily handle this phone.

Fanvil X6 High-End VoIP IP Phone 4.3-Inch Color Display

Fanvil X6 High-End VoIP IP Phone 4.3-Inch Color Display

Fanvil X6 is a Competitively priced and high performing enterprise desk phone with high definition audio quality.The Large 4.3 Inch screen Facilitates access to information through an easy-to-read, high-resolution color display.It supports Wired/wireless headset compatibility with Bluetooth and EHS Support.  A USB port enables Bluetooth with the appropriate dongle. Fanvil X6 offer with 3 separate Color LCD Screens. That is the Main Display and 2 Secondary screens for DSS Key Management.You can manage 60 DSS Virtual keys in the secondary display.Along with Virtual DSS Keys, there are 12 Physical Keys for more control.Fanvil X6 having a phone book with 100 entry capacity. It can be expanded with Remote phonebook (XML/LDAP). Fanvil X6 provides natural wideband audio using the handset or the built-in full-duplex speakerphone. You can attach a wired headset using the RJ9 port. The X6 IP Phone phone includes enterprise-grade security features and two Gigabit Ethernet port with POE Support. Reliable network management is ensured with OpenVPN, SRTP, 802.1x, HTTPS and QoS support. Fanvil X6 includes integrated gigabit and a USB interface. Fanvil X6 IP Phone with inbuilt OpenVPN support leverages your enterprise IP Network to deliver sophisticated communications from headquarters or remote locations. Fanvil X6 VoIP Phone optimizes communications through a flexible architecture that leverages existing investments and accommodates changing business needs.Fanvil X6 is compatible with wide variety of telephone system platforms including Panasonic, Grandstream, Yeastar, Dlink, Sangoma and any asterisk based platforms.

Fanvil X6 IP Phone Specification

  • 6 SIP lines
  • 3 Color LCDs (main + DSS)
  • POE Support
  • Dual Gigabit Network Ports
  • Local 3-way Conference
  • Phonebook (1000 entries)
  • Remote phonebook (XML/LDAP)
  • Call log (300 entries, in/out/missed)
  • Handset(HS) / Hands-free(HF) / Headphone(HP) mode
  • 60 Intelligent DSS Keys
  • HD Voice Microphone/Speaker (Handset/Hands-free, 0 ~ 7KHz Frequency Response)
  • Wideband ADC/DAC 16KHz Sampling
  • Wideband CODEC: G.722, AMR-WB
  • Narrowband CODEC: G.711a/u, G.723.1, G.726-32K, G.729AB, AMR,iLBC
  • Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)
  • Noise Reduction (NR)
  • Background Noise Estimation (BNE)
  • VPN: L2TP (Basic Unencrypted) / OpenVPN
  • VLAN  / QoS
  • SIP2.0 over UDP/TCP/TLS
  • Main Chipset: Broadcom
  •  RJ45 Ethernet Jacket x2
  • Support Plantronics Wireless headset (Through Plantronics APD-80 EHS Cable)
  • Support Bluetooth headset (Through USB Dongle)
  • USB Port x1 (Connect with BT USB dongle)
  • HD Hands-free Speaker (0 ~ 7KHz) x1
  • HD Hands-free Microphone (0 ~ 7KHz) x1

Fanvil X3SP 2-Line PoE IP Phone

Fanvil X3SP offers PoE support to an entry-level VoIP desk phone. With 2 SIP accounts, the X3SP is perfect for

Fanvil X5S 6 line Executive Gigabit Color Display Phone

Fanvil X5S 6 line Executive Gigabit Color Display Phone The Fanvil X5S IP Phone is a high-end enterprise desktop phone


FANVIL EX210 IP PHONE HD Voice Supports RJ-9/3.5mm headset 3-SIP Line Executive IP Phone 4 x BLF Button SIP2.0(RFC3261) &

Fanvil H2S 1-Line Entry Level Bathroom Hotel Phone

Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone Overview

The Fanvil H2S improves the experience for guests in any hotel room by providing an easy to use, high-performing communication device that is both economical and environmentally friendly.  The H2Ssupport PoE and is compatible with major platforms such as 3CX, Broadsoft, Elastix, Asterisk and  Xorcom.

Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone Features and Specifications

  • 1 SIP Line
  • 1 Programmable
  • PoE capable
  • Indicator light
  • Call Transfer feature